Roller Derby by Naomi "Sweetart" Weitz

Roller Derby by Naomi "Sweetart" Weitz

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This book will help you to achieve your full potential in roller derby and in life! Mental toughness training uses psychological principles to improve an athlete's performance. An athlete's performance is at least 60% psychological. Some experts say mental toughness skills factor in even more! The Mental Toughness Guide: Roller Derby contains both theory and hands-on activities so you can begin to apply these skills right away. Some of the mental toughness skills you will learn are energy management, self-awareness, using imagery, sportsmanship, distraction control, negative thought-stopping, goal setting, relaxation training, and character development. This book will help you to maximize motivation, return after an injury, defeat self-doubts, create confidence, decrease anxiety, increase focus, prevent burnout, and lots more!

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