The Modern Witch's Dreambook- By Sarah Lyddon Morrison

The Modern Witch's Dreambook- By Sarah Lyddon Morrison

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When you dream of dragons, what is your unconscious trying to tell you?- Why is the number 4 a sign of good luck in some cultures, bad luck in others?

- What symbolizes both the Greek goddess Diana and the Virgin Mary?

The answers to these and hundreds of other fascinating questions can be found in The Modern Witch's Book of Symbols.

Organized alphabetically by subject and lavishly illustrated with line drawings throughout, the book covers a broad range of topics culled from antique and modern sources.

Replete with detail about the profound (the association of mistletoe with the immortal human soul) and the mundane (in English alehouses, the presence of a goose could determine how a gambler placed a bet), this book is a treasure trove, not only for adepts and budding Modern Witches who want to bone up on the magical arts, but for trivia buffs and general readers as well.


Hardcover/ Very Good