The Awakening: Book One Bloodmoon Wars Series- By Sara Snow

The Awakening: Book One Bloodmoon Wars Series- By Sara Snow

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Will Hunter is the most powerful General in the Vampire Army.

Standing 6’6” with soulful baby blue eyes, Will Hunter is the kind of man that every woman drools over, myself included—not that I’d ever let him know that.

Who would have thought that one night, after a fight with my controlling father—the one night I could not take my werewolf form—I'd be jumped by three blood-thirsty vampires...only to have Will come to my rescue.

Oh yes. Will Hunter, my kind’s greatest enemy, saved my life…but for what?

He is not like the other vampires I have heard stories about. He’s different.... and I cannot stop thinking about him.

I’d gladly take him over the mundane pups my father keeps parading in front of me, hoping I’ll mate with one of them, become a Luna, and birth new little Alphas.

Will might have saved my life, but if the Werewolf Council finds out I’ve been cavorting with vampires—and a General, no less—I’m dead anyway.

Of-freaking-course, I had to fall for the only Alpha male my kind will never approve of. And it’s just a matter of time before they find out and put an end to it.

… Or worse, put an end to me…


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