Jingle All the Way- By Debbie Macomber

Jingle All the Way- By Debbie Macomber

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Everly Lancaster has always had big dreams, but her high-flying career has left little time for anything - or anyone - else. When the opportunity arises to take the whole of December off, Everly decides it's time to go on the holiday she deserves. Little does she know, there's more than one surprise in store for her this Christmas . . .

To escape the massive snowstorm on the way, Everly prepares for a sunny, relaxing cruise - until a mix-up with her booking lands her on a tour of the Amazon rainforest. At first, not even the handsome tour guide Asher can improve her mood, but soon the spectacular sights - and Asher's charming company - open workaholic Everly's eyes to all she's been missing in life.

As Christmas approaches and the tour comes to an end, will Everly finally realize there's more to life than work? And could Asher be the person to help her see it?


Hardcover/ Very Good